Fundraising and Events

OCC Merch can help generate funds for all types of events or fundraisers. Create memorable apparel for reunions, weddings, family trips, company events, and more. Fundraising through merch sales is a great way to raise funds quickly while giving something back to your donators.

We have lots of options, sizes, and colors available to choose from.
If you are looking for something specific let us know in the chat!


Event and Fundraising pages have a one time setup fee of $50 for up to 5 designs. We can customize any of our merch with your designs and all of our products are white labeled.

The one time fee covers the cost of your site configuration, design uploads, and modifications. Work directly with our design team to configure your site exactly how you want before launching.

Event and Fundraising accounts receive Advanced subscription prices on all merch and are able to set their own merch prices to maximize profits. All profits minus the base costs go directly to the page owner via ACH or Check via our payment provider Melio at the end of each month. 


Add or change designs anytime!

If you have an existing website and do not want to use ours, we can create a merch collections page that you can embed directly to your site, we can also embed your content into our page ie. links to different sites, a donation counter, YouTube videos, etc.

We work with for profit, and 501c3 non-profits, or any non affiliated fundraising event. 

Available Merch

If you are looking for something specific to print your logo or text on let us know! If it isn't currently available we can look into sourcing, use the chat button below or e-mail us at